Saturday, September 25, 2010

Weigh In, Rejoining Weight Watchers, and 28 day challenge

So, here's some news:
1. I rejoined weight watchers with two of my roommates, Bri and Anna.
2. I maintained ALL summer, which I am super stoked about, although I would have liked to lose instead. I ate like crap so Im amazed that I maintained.
3. Antishay's 28 day challenge is going well so far. =)

One of my goals for my 28 day challenge is drinking at least 80 oz of water a day. So far I have managed to accomplish this most days. Last night I actually had to get out of bed because I was craving water so much! Which is weird, because normally Id be wanting a soda or tea or something like that. But, I had been drinking water all day, so my body is wanting more and more of it. Anyway, I <3 water. I always have, Ive just also really loved diet soda just as much, haha

Ill try to update again later =)

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  1. I still read this so don't stop posting! I need to start posting again. I think I may try a different blog site b/c i don't really like this one.